DC Summer of Solutions Introduces its New Program!

Greetings friends! This is Josephine and Jeremiah from the DC program, Cultivating Intergenerational Leaders.  We are a new program that is working on creating a program that will engage middle and high school youth, college students, and senior citizens around issues of food justice. Earlier this month, we hosted the January Gathering, where program leaders from other cities such as Arleta, CA, Reno, NV and the state of West Virginia came together to participate in a training to prepare us to organize and host a Summer of Solutions program in our home communities.  This training was held at the Steinbruck Center at the Luther Place Memorial Church, which works to provide youth, students, and adults with the tools to address the root causes of poverty.

Those five days helped to give us the tools that we need to better prepare for our summer programs and to connect with other people who are working on similar projects.  I particularly appreciated the opportunity to provide input on the anti-oppression workshop as well as the information gained from the more technical workshops such as the accounting training.

As the hosts of the January Gathering, Jeremiah and I hosted a New Year’s Eve reception for the gathering attendees to serve as both a fundraiser for our program and to introduce our program to the DC community.

Attendees at the fundraiser also got a chance to hear from Adam Angel, who is a youth program director at Sasha Bruce, a non-profit that works with homeless youth. Adam talked about the work he is doing with the youth right now and some of the projects they hope to work on in the future with the youth. One of those projects involves a partnership with our program, Cultivating Intergenerational Leaders. Sasha Bruce and our DC program plan to create a summer youth food justice program.  The activities that we plan to have with the youth include hosting intergenerational cooking workshops with seniors, running a farmers’ market, and workshops on how the youth can create a better food system in Washington, D.C. We also plan to have the youth sell and distribute pies that they create in the summer,  and in the process learn about entrepreneurship and leadership.

Adam Angel, of Sasha Bruce Youthwork speaking

Adam Angel, of Sasha Bruce Youth-work speaking

We look forward to our partnership and the amazing work we will do in the summer.

If you are interested in learning more about our program, please do not hesitate to email us at dcsolutionsproject@gmail.com.  You can also check out our website at http://dcsolutionsproject.wordpress.com/ for more information.

Josephine and Jeremiah

at Nick's Organic Farm

Jeremiah and Josephine at Nick’s Organic Farm in MD last summer with Council member Valerie Ervin (3rd person pictured) who has been working to preserve the farm from development, see http://www.savethissoil.org for more info

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