solutionary (sol-u-tion-a-ry), n – 1. Someone who makes it happen. 2. Someone who uses creativity and innovation to solve broad problems of climate change, the economic crisis, and environmental injustice. 3. A dynamic individual capable of things far greater than one might think. 4. You.

We call ourselves solutionaries. We come from many different backgrounds, are different ages, live in different places, and work on different projects, but ultimately, our passion for the world to come links us together in this great web of action. Originally, we came together through the Summer of Solutions, a summer program designed to train young people on grassroots organizing by designing and implementing solutions to the climate crisis in our communities. We’re now expanding our vision into a greater national non-profit called Grand Aspirations, which means expanding our programs and services.

It is our mission to bring young climate activists together from across the country to learn from one another. We would like to help people around the country start programs to help solve the climate crisis, whether that is starting green manufacturing initiatives, designing urban food projects, weatherizing homes, educating people about environmental issues and how to help, or simply learning how to organize.

This blog is the voice of the solutionaries. Here, we have the space to share our dreams, news, struggles, and visions for a better future. This is where we document our journeys to a more sustainable future.

So keep coming back! Check out the “Get Involved” tab to see what you can do to become a solutionary yourself. Join us!

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