User Guide

READ at will. SEARCH for cool content using the search windows or tags. SUBSCRIBE using the subscribe tools. JOIN as an author if you want to help (


  1. INVITE OTHERS to join as readers, subscribers, and/or authors.
  2. LINK TO US. Tag us. Ping us. Digg us. Cross post to us and from us. Whenever and however relevant, invite participation.
  3. POST COMMENTS when you have something to say. Your story matters.
  4. MAKE IT REAL. Solutions happen on the ground, in YOUR life, with REAL people.


  • If you have a problem with someone’s post; solve it! This is not a space for bashing or attacks – if something is wrong, respond with how to make it better.
  • Speak from the I. Tell your own story – there is enough dry information on the web. Solutionaries is about building community through personal, real-world stories.
  • Solutions discussed here should be accessible to anyone with the will, patience, and passion: don’t tell us what the experts should do. It’s cool to involve experts and their role as long as you make clear how the rest of us fit in to the solution.
  • This site is licensed with a Creative Commons Share-Alike license. No one else can steal your words and copyright them elsewhere, and anyone who uses what you post here has to attribute you. This also means you can’t prevent others from using what you post here. Solutions are for sharing, adapting, and collaborating. If you want to replicate someone’s idea, please work with them.
  • Please share ideas-in-development and moments of doubt – they are as much a part of the solutions as the high points. We learn by doing and teach each other. Together, we figure it out.
  • This community includes people with a variety of experiences and expertise. Be aware of specialized terms  and acronyms you use, and be sure to explain them.
  • Use page breaks after a paragraph or two in long posts . This is just good blog etiquette. We also love images, videos, or audio links above the fold – it makes it look nice.
  • The classic disclaimer: please don’t put profanity, nudity, or other offensive material on this blog. We want to empower participation, but we WILL ban you if your content might turn away other participants! We appreciate creativity, but ultimately what’s okay and what’s not is our decision.

* This page developed with help from Elizabeth Irvin

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