Get Involved!

Inspired by the stories and thoughts of these dynamic solutionaries? Want to see how you can get involved in building the solutions?

At the moment, Solutionaries across the country are working hard in their Summer of Solutions 2012 programs! To be a participant of a Summer of Solutions program is an incredibly dynamic way of doing something constructive about climate change, environmental injustice, and economic downturn. Whether you want to be a local planner, a program leader, or a participant in a program near you, your experience will be one of great learning and great action. Learning by doing not only empowers the individual, but sets community sustainability initiatives in motion. For more information, go to the Grand Aspirations website and see what local program leaders have to say about their programs. For more updated info, check out the 2012 SoS National Blog Series for some info/interviews about each program.

Use the program profiles at Grand Aspirations to find contact information of current program leaders.

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