Eugene NICE Hits the Streets

Eugene NICE Update #3

Welcome back to the Eugene NICE update! After doing out reach and having a wonderful time at the Oregon Country Fair, it’s been a fun week for everyone at the NICE and many wonderful volunteers. The pieces of the Energy Equity Project are coming together as we began crafting the energy audit together in the Think Tank and we reached out to the Whiteaker community during our successful Do Tank. It has been wonderful meeting members of the Whiteaker community and also having more participants at our Think and Do Tanks. Through our eclectic backgrounds and knowledge base, we can work together to advance sustainability in Eugene

This week’s Think Tank was centered around our NICE Energy Check-Up and what it will entail for the homes we will visit. We were fortunate to have EWEB staff Ann Porterfield attend the Think Tank and she helped us understand what EWEB puts into their energy audits. Focusing mostly on infrastructural improvements, we will incorporate some of the EWEB audit into our Check-Up. We also had input on the audit from Climate Master’s Lorraine Boose, and her audit focused more on habitual energy practices. Both of these aspects of energy conservation are very important, and we will have both in the NICE Energy Check-Up.

A treat for the NICE crew this week was having Monica Dutcher at our Think Tank because Monica has volunteered to translate our materials into Spanish for the only-Spanish speaking residents of the Whiteaker. The NICE passionately seeks to serve diverse communities and this translation support will help us reach out to communities we may otherwise miss. If you would like to receive any of our materials in Spanish, please contact

Our Think Tank was productive, exciting and didn’t go over two hours! Thank you to everyone that came and contributed to the process, please come back next week!

If I thought the Think Tank was as fun as it could get, I was wrong; the Do Tank was a blast! Our Do Tank was designated to the first massive canvas into the Whiteaker neighborhood. We set up maps, rapports, flyers, and clip boards for twelve volunteers to hit the streets. We had a goal of getting twenty-five residendts signed up for the energy audits, and we got twenty-seven! The next day we hit the streets a little more and got up to thirty-five! Residents of the Whiteaker have been over-all supportive of our work and many have signed up. If you would like to sign up for an audit, please contact

We would like to send out a huge thank you to all of the volunteers that came to the Do Tanks. The Corvallis NICE crew came all the way down to support us and many UO students came out too. Our organization thrives through grassroots support, so we look forwards to working with you all in the future.

The Eugene NICE has recently applied for a grant through Focus the Nation, called the Roots Fellowship. We have described the work we are doing in Eugene and hope to receive support for our effort. Please go to to show support for our project and learn more.

We would also like to thank Green Printing Solutions for donating free printing to the Eugene NICE for business cards, thanks!

This coming week will be designated to networking and coalition building for the Energy Equity Project and other supported project. Don’t miss our next Think and Do Tanks because we all need your input! Please contact us with any questions or if you would like to get involved.

Jesse Hough
Eugene NICE Founder & Coordinator

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