A Solutionary Day of Action?

Around the world on Saturday tens of thousands of people brought awareness to the issues and effects of global warming and the climate negotiations going on in Copenhagen in the beginning of December.

With this as context, I wanted to present a solutionary approach to Saturday the 24th of October 2009.

I used only 35.0% of the power I usually would have in a given day by unplugging everything in my house that I could and riding my friends bike around town.

-Personal energy efficiency is one of the smallest actions we can take, but collectively it can create a huge difference.

– It also puts the responsibility one the first person it should, you. Once we ourselves understand how we can create sustainable lives only then can we start building just and sustainable communities.

I met 3.50 of my neighbors.

-Creating community is one of the most valuable things you can do when working towards collective local solutions to the climate crisis. The first step towards working with anyone is building common ground which can give one the ability to facilitate collective action.

-My favorite ways of doing this are block parties, community meals, or just going to the neighbors and listening to what they have to say.

I dumpster dived 350 cartons of apple juice.

-Free food tastes better!

-This touches on a deeper issue; relying on what is around you to sustain yourself. Build solar panels where it is sunny, eat meat that is reared locally, dumpster dive if every grocery store in your town doesn’t lock their dumpsters.

I planted 35.0 cloves of garlic.

-Grow your own food. Weatherize your home. Gather medicinal plants to help you avoid the swine flu. Do it yourself. Some of the most innovative solutions for healthier and whole communities(and people) have been created by amazing folks just like you.

-A problem is only a solution in costume.

I smiled at least 3500 times!

-What we are working towards should be inspiring, touching, and fun. If it isnt we are doing something wrong.

-No one will join your revolution if you don’t smile.

From Olympia with love,


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