Summer of Solutions – Worcester

Summer of Solutions in Worcester has been noticed! About a week ago, we were contacted by Lauren McShane from Worcester Magazine looking to do a piece on us. Some some of us got in touch with her to tell her what the program was all about and we met with her to take a photograph as well at our community garden over on Richards St. (unfortunately, it looks like the photo didn’t make it online). The link to the article is here:

The Worcester program will be working on three project realms in urban gardening and creating a pamphlet on it with the Regional Environmental Council, home and public building weatherization in Worcester and community art projects possibly including murals, sculptures in the parks and a DIY recycled fashion show.

We’re thrilled to have had this opportunity to get our message out to the media and the larger Worcester community and hopefully get some more people interested and involved! It’s shaping up to be a great summer and we hope everyone is just as excited as us.

-Jane Allegra, Worcester Carrier Pigeon

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