Corvallis SoS Launch Week

The NICE Summer of Solutions launch week imploded my brain and lassoed my soul, forcing me to reflect on my life in ways I never have, but have always wanted to. The deep and penetrating introspection divulged thoughts I’d never thought, connections I’d never seen, and worldviews I’d never considered. These views exploded outward from within making me feel and see the world in entirely and fundamentally different ways. These trainings lassoed my soul, asking not only what do I want to do, but what I need to do it, and how I am going to. The most powerful realization for me was that I can dream big, big, big, but I never seem to plan how to reach those dreams. This was a pretty amazing realization for me because I’ve always known this, but haven’t felt so determined to overcome it before. But more than introspection, this week was about imagining ourselves in our highest vision and visioning a world beyond the horizon. Loosening the lasso, my soul soared. It’s not so much that I haven’t had visioning sessions before, but that I realized by thinking and stating out loud the world we wished to see, by living it in our thoughts, words, and actions, we created it right where we were. Our training week was spectacular.

You know, clicking on the Summer of Solutions tab on the Grand Aspirations site, I saw our lonesome green balloon in Oregon, signifying our program in Corvallis. Despite being the only SoS program west of the Mississippi, I couldn’t be prouder and happier to be here.

3 thoughts on “Corvallis SoS Launch Week

  1. also, is Twin Cities really singular? How can two separate entities on either side straddle the river? hmmmm? just kidding man. Nathan’s told us all about ya’ll out there. maybe we’ll meet sometime

  2. Yay Corvalis! Glad to hear about its mind-blowingness!

    Just one clarifying note – Corvalis is all by its lonesome on the West Coast (sadly), but Iowa City, Fayetteville, Austin, and Dallas are all west of the Mississippi and the Twin Cities straddles the river (we spend most of our time on the west side).

    Sorry, I’m a geography nut. Keep rocking!

  3. touche, might i add it was a *very *quick glance at the map. only program in the West. rep it hard MN! I love your city!!

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