Full Circles Foundation: Lexington, KY

It is becoming more and more apparent that our world is resting on a system that is failing people. The most unfortunate victims of this system are young people. The aim of Full Circles Foundation is to nurture strong girls, a fair economy, and a healthy world in hopes that these young women are able to reach their full potential. Full Circles Foundation was established last year as a Summer of Solutions program in Raleigh, NC. I became one of the program leaders for Full Circles Foundation in Raleigh. After the summer ended, I returned to my home in Lexington, KY, and, with program leaders Austyn Gaffney and Lindsey Jagoe, decided to replicate the program.
In our program, we will be working with girls ages 11 to 15. These are middle school ages, specifically chosen because of the rapid transitions girls experience during this time. We provide a safe space for active learning to facilitate and enrich connections between the human and natural environment. Our program looks to reconcile differences in class, community, age, education, ethnicity, race, religion, and gender in our community. As we look to the future, we want to continue reevaluating these objectives in order to ensure the sustainability of the program.
Our program leaders have had several inspiring meetings with our future partners. So far, we will be utilizing space at Transylvania University and Tuska Art gallery. Thanks to local artists and writers, we have already confirmed fashion design and writing workshops for our campers. We look forward to combining those projects into a showcase of the young girls’ work. Not yet confirmed, but other plans we have for the summer with our campers include gardening, hiking, cooking, feminine studies, all kinds of art and literature expression, and music.
We look forward to this new venture and collaboration with other Summer of Solutions programs in Grand Aspirations!


Our Program Leaders
Austyn Gaffney aegaffney12@gmail.com
Lauralee Crain lrcrain10@gmail.com
Lindsey Jagoe lindseyjagoe@gmail.com

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