Look Who’s In The House!

We, at The Art Affect, know that many of the solutions to the environmental and social challenges we face are already out there. Our 2012 Summer of Solutions program participants will train in journalism & communications, community organizing, and radical leadership, then set out across Seattle to engage in and document the top local solutions that are currently being implemented. At the end of the program we will harvest each of the projects and together create a step-by-step DIY guide to share with the world.

Potential Projects Include:

1. Urban Gardening and Food Sovereignty
2. Storytelling, Art and Alternative Media
3. Community Organizing and Leadership Development
4. Our DIY Guide to Grass-roots Community Action
5. Energy Efficiency and Retrofitting
6. Water and Habitat Restoration

Our Purpose:

Like so many others, we dream of a world that is equitable, thriving, and sustainable; where people shine with true happiness from the inside out. We are committed to ‘walking our talk’ by manifesting this dream in our own lives and engaging our peers, community and world in local solutions to our global problems. We are committed to providing tools, space and inspiration for people to come into alignment with their own gifts and purpose in the world and transform that inspiration into measurable actions in their communities.

About the Program Leaders:

Barbara and Dan are community leaders, activists and facilitators who are currently co-coordinating The Art Affect, a non-profit that creates powerful artistic spaces for young people to explore their purpose, develop their identity, and take part in building a socially just, environmentally sustainable, and personally fulfilling world. We enjoy making music, laughing at ourselves, creating new words that should never have existed, and sipping tea in perpetuiTEA. We put the “silly” back into Authentisilly. Just sayin.

Contact Us:

Barbara Jefferson barbara@theartaffect.org
Dan Mahle dan@theartaffect.org

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