Let’s Ride: Bicycle Organizing in Los Angeles

By Miguel Ramos

Miguel at CICLAVIA 2011

What got me interested in bicycles was 1) their connection to the idea of being self-sustaining, and 2) how bicycles can be utilized as a tool to organize people while promoting the idea of alternative forms of transportation. I wanted to help unlock the potential for individuals in communities to create a better infrastructure and safer environments for people to transport themselves. Noticing the lack of education that served the individuals who use bicycles as a form of transportation really pushed me to get involved. Therefore, I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this program…

I’d like to introduce you to Let’s Ride, a community-learning program that is taking place at LA CAUSA in collaboration with the City of Lights program (LA CAUSA is the LA-based organization that has teamed up with Grand Aspirations to bring the first Los Angeles Summer of Solutions program to life).

Let's Ride LA

Let’s Ride’s mission is to develop new ways for young people to  learn the ins and outs of bicycling. We plan to accomplish this mission through providing and focusing on topics regarding bicycle mechanics, bicycle safety, group-ride organizing, community outreach, media, and advocacy. Not only will this program result in more safe and confident student riders, but it’s another big step in promoting the idea of alternative sustainable forms of transportation.

LA CAUSA students are already involved with Let’s Ride. Currently, they are working on the Bike Ride Organizing section and planning a ride with and for their peers. Through their work, they have the opportunity to develop (and flex) their leadership skills while highlighting and supporting the idea of community organizing around self-sustaining practices.

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