Getting Started and Planning for the Future

On day two of launch week, our Summer of Solutions team met with representatives from partner organizations that we would be working with throughout the summer. When the meeting began there was about 15 of us and we all introduced ourselves. Our partners gave background about their organization and how they helped benefit the community.

Common areas of focus were energy efficiency, transportation and local food and farming. Some of our partners include Million Monarchs, Zenger Farm, Green Lents, Foster Green, Urban League and Mt. Scott Community Center. Our meeting was held at Mt Scott Community Center, which is in the neighborhood where we would be canvassing.

We then went on a walking tour throughout the town of Lents. Our leaders taught us the history of the city and our group had a chance to grow accustomed to the area that we would help to improve. It was interesting to see the diversity of people and the unique landscape of Lents.

The next day our group concentrated on identifying our goals for the summer. Our group filled out an asset map, which is a way for group members to identify what they and their co-workers can contribute to the team.

We also discussed what we would do if certain challenges were to arise such as if we were canvassing and some one who opens the door doesn’t speak English. We also put together a timeline so we will be able to keep track of our progress and estimate about how long certain projects may take.

A common goal of ours is improving the program from last year.  Everyone from our group was able to contribute ideas and will be able to use their skills to benefit the group. We hope to gain more media attention, get more people to participate in the neighborhood challenge, and host an event at the end of the summer.

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