Hope for GREEN- Grass Roots Energy and Environment Networking Movement in Detroit

Having Only Positive Expectations for GREEN in NE Detroit

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Starting in Mid- December, a new youth-led green movement will began in Northeast Detroit. This grass root organization Commission is fired up and ready to make a difference in the lives of those affected by environmental justice, pollution, and degradation in the community.

The mission of the HOPE for GREEN Movement is to foster an environment for growth, leadership development, and advocacy for environmental and climate justice for young people and communities of color with a special emphasis on the progression of women. Our purpose is to help develop policies and protocols to help make Detroit a more healthy and sustainable society by developing principles on waste reduction, energy efficiency and conservation, while also educating the community about the effects of climate change and environmental injustice. Our focus is to build awareness and provide leadership development in a community learning setting in Detroit, MI while working on women’s concerns for gender equity in a green economy.

Our main priorities will be to:

  • Build collaboration with community organizations such as RESTORE NE Detroit inorder to create and implement strategies for educating their constituents about curbside recycling, energy use reduction, and the importance of clean energy.
  • Develop a district wide campaign by building  support from local businesses and faith communities in sharing our green projects information and materials with their congregants and customers.
  • Using social media and other electronic communication tools to build recycling participation.

The project intends to build community volunteering partnerships with The Minority Women in Leadership Commission, Inc., NAACP, and other local organizations in order to accomplish these goals in unity for the betterment of the community.

Program Leader Bio:

Dorthea Thomas has grown up in the Northeast District of Detroit her entire life. She is the visionary, creator, and Program Leader of the Hope for GREEN, Org. She currently serves as the Environmental and Climate Justice Youth Ambassador in the NAACP Michigan State Conference and served in the leadership position of 1st Vice President of the NAACP Eastern Michigan University Chapter. After working full-time at the NAACP National Headquarters as the Environmental and Climate Justice Leadership Fellow serving Region 3 & 5 of the Midwest and Southern states, she knew it was time to come home and organize a movement to restore her neighborhood. Her passion was fueled after losing her grandmother to cancer due to the environmental public health impacts of the community. “We must protect our families and create a sustainable society for our future generations to live in.  Our people are suffering and dying slowly without any help or assistance. We need to invest in greener strategies and bring in green jobs. Something must be done and I’m willing to be the change I wish to see in my community.” Dorthea stated.


Community Organizer Dorthea Thomas presents her Action Plan for Environmental Justice with NAACP.

If you would like to donate, you can make checks or Money Orders out to “The Minority Women in Leadership Commission, Inc.” or e-mail urbanyounggreen@gmail.com for more information.

Also, we are always actively seeking volunteers and would greatly appreciate your help. Follow us on Twitter at @HopeForGreenOrg for updates, outreach, and events.

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