FCF: Updates and More!

Full Circles Foundation is excited to announce that applications for 2013 Summer Fellow positions are going to be open this month! Please check the FCF website soon if you are interested in applying, or spread the word if you know someone who you think might be interested in applying!

In addition to the Summer Fellow Applications, the FCF Annual holiday fundraiser hasn’t ended! The Strong Camp experience – six weeks of programming that illuminates the connections between strong selves, strong neighbors, and a strong home – has been made possible for over 100 girls in Lexington and Raleigh.  This year, will you please consider making a contribution to support this coming year’s Strong Camps in Raleigh and Lexington?  Throughout the year, you will be kept up to date with tales of the powerful personal, social, and economic returns that your investment is growing through our new, coordinated blog and our newsletters!  2013 is going to be the best year yet – won’t you give the gift of empowerment by joining us in growing strong girls, a fair economy, and a healthy earth

Winter Bake Sale! 


We also held a bake sale fundraiser this past December in Downtown Raleigh. The event was organized by Domanique Herring. Domanique is majoring in Event Planning at North Carolina State University, and happily donated her skills to FCF’s worthy mission. Herring organized donations of artisan baked goods from bakeries all over the triangle.  It was chilly, but FCF team had fun dancing to keep warm and telling passerbys about FCF. Overall, the bake sale brought in $500 towards our Summer 2013 Strong Camps!


Elyse returns to the Raleigh team: Our team is growing with amazing people!

After serving as a summer fellow during the Strong Camp pilot program in 2011, Elyse Harris is returning to Full Circles Foundation as a Program Leader for the 2013 Raleigh Strong Camp!  As a summer fellow, Elyse was an outstanding mentor to campers and an inspiring member of the camp staff. She graduated from Davidson College with a degree in Anthropology and has worked with Citizen Schools in Charlotte, North Carolina. Elyse is also a member-at-large for the Regional FCF Steering Committee. Full Circles Foundation is thrilled to welcome her back to Raleigh!

Finally, Full Circles Foundation community has confirmed our first regional steering committee!

Our amazing team is comprised of 11 inspiring women from across Southeastern United States.  Read about them here!  It includes current and former program leaders, summer fellows, a parent of an FCF participant, volunteers, as well as a few new new faces who bring with them amazing perspective and experience.  Again, please visit our new and updated website to meet the new Regional Steering Committee and never hesitate to drop one of us a line!

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