A Day of Empowerment Leads to a Garden in the Sun

There are many BIG moves to come for the Little Rock, Arkansas based Summer of Solutions program.  We began the month of April with a Garden Work day on Saturday, April 6, 2013, which we hosted in conjunction with the Better Community Development’s Community Block Party.


Working in the garden on 12th and Oak Street


Better Community Development’s  Community Block Party

Better Community Development, Inc. is another non-profit organization based in the 12th Street Community.  Similar to our own goals BCD would also like to help promote and sustain a healthier 12th street community through awareness, providing direct services, and various other community based activities.  It is our mission this summer to work with Better Community Development in order to improve the quality of life in this community.


The garden workday on Saturday, was one of many that we will be hosting in order to provide fresh produce for the community and future 12th Street Farmer’s Market.  During this exciting workday, we weeded, tilled, and planted peppers, squash, beans, eggplants, okra, etc., in our garden on 12th and Oak Street.  While brainstorming about various future garden projects, such as including a compost and herb garden within the community garden.


Though much of the Saturday was spent Gardening, we all found time to make it the Better Community Development’s Community Block Party, where we had a table set up offering information about our program and its various upcoming Events along with displaying some of the vegetables, kale and an onion,  from our garden.

As always we are looking forward to continuing to share our progress and good news!

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