A busy third week in Little Rock

By: Ashley Burton
Location: Little Rock
This week has been very exciting for the Little Rock Summer of Solutions team! We started off the week with maintaining our garden and creating plans for achieving our goals! Through learning about ourselves through character tests we also gained the opportunity to better understand our team.

Tuesday we began another day of gardening, greeting community members, and furthering our entrepreneurship training! During this time, our team members Rebecca and Darryl furthered their weatherizing skills at Pulaski Tech. They passed their final test too and gained a wonderful certificate!

Other than some of us advancing in the technical industry we have been learning about the 12th street community. The community members have been very welcoming in their homes and businesses. We are grateful for every one of them.


Rain barrel workshop

Thursday the crew awakened very early in the morning to work in a garden in the neighboring city of North Little Rock. After weeding, shoveling, and sweating we took a trip to the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center here in Little Rock. During our trip we gained a bit of cultural appreciation of the black community in Arkansas. The experience has helped us with growth and mindfulness of the population we are serving this summer.

After taking a break, everyone in our team helped with preparing a meal for our weekly community dinner. After hours of preparation we had our meal: Pasta, squash and zucchini, purple potatoes, and loads of bread. The dinner was delightful with various ages from the community. It was a small outcome but we had a good time with everyone who came and wish for our audience to grow.


First community dinner!

Friday the team traveled to the Delta Green Community Forum. This forum had local leaders speak on behalf of the green movement.Various vendors had displays and business plans or ideas on enabling central Arkansas to enhance its green economy.


Learning about aquaponics (fish farming) at the Delta Green Community Forum

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