Finding Milo

Summer of Solutions Hartford

Tiny white paws followed participant Sophie as she winded between beds at Annie Fisher Montessori School. Tending to a variety of plants, Sophie was focused, leaving Milo unnoticed until he released a small meow. Sophie temporarily relinquished her watering duties to comfort Milo and brought him into Annie Fisher.


In a meeting with the principal, I was in the midst of discussing gardening projects for the students at Annie Fisher when a staff member came in with Milo peeking out her elbow.

 “One of your participants found this little guy in the garden.”

Milo played and squirmed in the garden as we fed him milk and watered the plants. We watched as he enjoyed the fresh air, mushy mud, and cool breeze, which our students would soon be enjoying as well. The garden preparation stage of our work was coming to a close and summer school was about to begin. Soon students would be running through…

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About soshartford

Grand Aspirations is founded on a powerful and innovative method – being solutionary. The Summer of Solutions expresses the values, follows the principles, and utilizes the strategies of this solutionary method. During the Urban Farming Internship program, young people in Hartford work together to draw on the assets each of them already have and work together to advance personal competence in this method, build a community around it, and enact it in the broader world.

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