Introducing Our 2014 Interns (Part 2)

Reblogged from Growing Food and Sustainability


Peter is from Rockford, Illinois. He is a recent graduate of Edgewood College with a Biology degree with an environmental studies minor. When not at the GFS youth farm he is most likely cooking at New Orleans Take Out on Monroe street. In his free time he enjoys biking, cooking, and growing food.  He hopes to learn new sustainable farming skills and how to better inspire kids about farming.




Hello everyone, my name is Frank Hessel and I am a youth farm intern this summer and a student at Middleton High School.  In my free time, I like to play golf, run, and spend time with family. My goals for the summer are to better understand how plants grow and how to harvest plants properly.





I was born in Patchogue Long Island New York and I
grew-up in Southwest Florida. I am in the process of completing my masters degree in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School. I will receive school credit toward the degree from this Youth Farm Internship. My ultimate goal is to one day work for a city planning commission and incorporate urban farming and support locally grown food into my policy making and project planning. In my free time I love to go out dancing with my friends whenever I get the chance. I LOVE to dance. I also figure skate. I also love hiking, bonfires and BBQs. I love to do pretty much anything you can do outside. My favorite place to visit is anywhere I’ve never been, but my favorite place I’ve ever visited is definitely Curitiba Brazil. Its this sustainable city in Brazil that inspired my career choice. My goal for this summer is to learn as much as I can about how a garden project like Growing Food and Sustainability works under the law, in hopes of applying what I learn to my professional work later.

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