Introducing our 2014 Interns (Part 3)

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Ranondo ranondo

Hi I’m Ranondo. I want everyone who reads this to know my mom is a single parent who has been taking care of me my whole life and she’s the person who’s been there through good and bad times. She been right by my side through everything. I want my mother to be proud not that she already isn’t proud of me working and having my own job but I appreciate her doing everything she could do for me. She’s the only one who’s been providing for me for the longest and I wanted this internship so I can return the favor. Something I want you guys to know about me I work hard I work for what I’m getting paid for. This job is something I would do next year as well because I like this job and the people here are pretty nice I also wanted a job so I can meet new people. Back then I wasn’t the best kid on earth but I’m trying to turn my life around and do something positive.

I like to spend time with friends and family when I do have free time but I like spending time with my mom too and if my grandma still were living she would be so proud too. At my last job I just stop going and now I know hanging out with your friends all the time isn’t worth it sometimes. I like going out to eat, to the movies, laser tagging, the mall, go carting, and paint balling. I like everything that comes to mind. I hope everything goes as planed: get paid and buy stuff for the house and stuff for my mom. People have been telling me lately get a job for myself but really it’s for my mom and my mother always gives me anything I need so when I do get paid most of it is going to my mom. She comes first before anything.

I really like this job a lot. I like growing and weeding stuff and I’m learning new things. Back then I couldn’t grow a tree that was already grown. If I get a long term job farming and growing I would work there most definitely.


lisaLisa was born in Columbia, Missouri and moved to Connecticut before finally moving to Madison, WI. She recently graduated from Middleton High School and will be attending UW-Madison this fall. Although she is undecided about her major, she is considering pharmacy school.

In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, taking afternoon naps, buying too many clothes, and spending time with friends and family, especially her dog. In this internship, she hopes to learn more about gardening and to educate children about growing food and various aspects of our ecosystem.


Hello! My name is Anna and I’m heading Annainto my senior year at Middleton High School. For the past semester, I went to an environmental semester school called Conserve School in northern Wisconsin. There, I met tons of amazing people and learned so much that I can’t wait to share about social and environmental issues and how to make a difference. I also recently returned from a month-long program called Conservation Corps Minnesota, where we traveled around the state of Minnesota doing natural resource work like pulling invasive species and doing trail work. Both of these experiences were amazing, but it’s good to finally be home. I can’t wait to get started learning about sustainable agriculture and get involved in the local community.

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