Progress is a beautiful thing

It’s easy to get frustrated when trying to make big things happen without seeing any immediate results. The long-term goals that we are trying to tackle as members of Summer of Solutions take many small steps to achieve. Sometimes when I am sitting in a meeting, discussing a minuscule detail of the overall picture, I can start to feel extremely pessimistic. I start to think there are so many small steps that need to be completed before we can even start to see a glimmer of our desired end result.

For example, I have been working on Cooperative Energy Futures where there are TONS of small tasks to get done, a completely daunting list to look at. Really, I have to give props to the leaders of this group (Ruby, Timothy, Jason, and Austin) for making sure that they covered every last thing that needs to be done for this project in order to be a success. We have community outreach, website design, grant writing, background research, and much more to get done. The end goal is to get communities organizing their neighbors to make energy efficient improvements to their homes. When you hear the end goal, one would think that this simply involves going up to people’s houses, giving them an LED light and a 5 minute talk about energy efficiency. But, oh no, it is much more involved than that. And it should be, because this project will do amazing things.

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