Wintertime Bee-thinking

This is the debut post from our first international program located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Elena Zheglova, one of the Sofia Program Leaders, is an alumnus of the Twin Cities Summer of Solutions. She is joined by Teo Gueorguiev, a long-time friend and fellow resident of Sofia.

Good morning, America!

As you are slowly waking and stretching in your warm beds, I am looking into the snowy night through my window. What I see is how a sea of flat apartment buildings’ roofs are slowly being covered with a soft white blanket. If I poke my head out in the cold and look southward, I will see the corner of a park, one of the largest and prettiest parks in Sofia, namely The South Park, its dim lights reflected on the glittery snowflakes. It is dark and quiet in my city tonight. All the excitement and euphoria from the recent celebrations are giving way to the remainder (the greater half) of the winter.

In their sealed wooden homes, the matriarchal family of the bees is buzzing around their mother to keep her warm and last until the spring sun and bloom. As workaholic as bees are in the summer, winter time they spend at home keeping their energy, sipping on the honey they have overproduced, and dreaming of the color and light of the spring.

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