Grand Aspirations Launches Webinars

Grand Aspirations has just officially launched a webinar series for this May. This will be an opportunity for people interested in building a just, sustainable, community-based economy and doing it effectively to share and gain skills and insights they’ve gained through their experience. The Webinars Team is currently seeking proposals for this initial series of webinars. If you have an idea, please send in your proposal using this form by March 23. Webinar facilitators will receive up to 60% of the revenue from these webinars, so it’s a great strategy for personal resource generation as well as a way to get your ideas out there.

We are looking for people within the Grand Aspirations network and for people who have never heard of Grand Aspirations, and everyone in between, to offer webinars. If you know someone who might be interested, please pass on the opportunity! We are looking for people to present on the topics that interest them, but we have heard some particular interest in trainings on being an effective ally (particularly along race and class lines), tactics for de-escalating conflict, and fundraising. Is there anything you’d like to attend a webinar on? Let us know in the comments!

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