Health Justice CT Challenge Update

Click Here to Vote Now.  Click the “Click here to vote” link and Vote for “Health Justice in the Garden.”

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Voting Results: At the end of the fourth day of voting, Summer of Solutions Hartford remains in close second place.  Voting results have shown that our supporters have been the most consistent in voting daily, but we have not yet achieved the number of voters reached by other organizations.  Reflecting this trend, we won the most votes on days 2 and 4 of voting, while the organization in first place won the most votes on days 1 and 3.

What does this mean? : We will continue to rely on our core of daily voters to support us by voting every day.    We are confident that by continuing our daily voting campaign, we can continue to pull in a steady number of votes.  We also plan to make a special effort this weekend, when we believe we will be able to reach more voters than a larger organization.

At the same time, we need to reach out to a larger audience.  We will continue our efforts to reach as many voters as possible, and we ask for your help.  If you are reading this and have not yet signed up to vote daily, there is still one week of voting left.  We also depend on your support to reach new voters.  While you can make a big impact for our campaign by enlisting others to sign up, you can also have a large effect by sending the voting link — — to as many people as possible and encouraging them to vote for “Health Justice in the Garden.”


What we could do with $10,000:

1) Provide stipends to Program Leaders and Participants working Full-Time to bring community gardens and community programs to the Frog Hollow and surrounding neighborhoods.

2) Cover the construction costs of over over 60 raised wooden beds and over 2,000 Square Feet of Growing Space.

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Grand Aspirations is founded on a powerful and innovative method – being solutionary. The Summer of Solutions expresses the values, follows the principles, and utilizes the strategies of this solutionary method. During the Urban Farming Internship program, young people in Hartford work together to draw on the assets each of them already have and work together to advance personal competence in this method, build a community around it, and enact it in the broader world.

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