Report-Back on the Hartford Environmental Summit

On October 25th, Dave and Jen represented Summer of Solutions Hartford at the Hartford Environmental Summit.

We enjoyed a keynote address by Gwendolyn Hallsmith who has worked globally to help cities become sustainable, and found that Summer of Solutions was featured in her presentation! About halfway through her Power Point, this picture popped up:

This photo is from the August Gathering, which our team hosted at the end of our program this year. Program leaders and participants from all around the country came to the Emanuel Lutheran Church in Hartford to celebrate successful summers and plan for the future! It was so cool to see this great group of people highlighted in Gwendolyn Hallsmith’s presentation about the cool sustainable things happening in Hartford!

After the keynote, we moved into two breakout group sessions. We each picked two of the following key issue areas:

1. Clean/Renewable Energy
2. Energy Efficiency
3. Recycle, Reduce Waste
4. Engaging Youth
5. Resilient, Sustainable and Environmentally Just Neighborhoods
6. Transportation
7. Local Economy
8. Water
9. Green Space
10. Food/Urban Farming

Jennifer and Dave went to sessions on Engaging Youth, Resilient, Sustainable and Environmentally Just Neighborhoods, and (you guessed it) Food/Urban Farming! We met neighbors, high school students, and organizational representatives who were all passionate about moving Hartford in a more sustainable direction. Each breakout group decided on two Big Ideas to continue working on after the meeting, but we left with dozens of great new ideas, contacts, and partnerships.

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