Farming Bards’ February Blog

Hi everyone!

As February comes to close, we are getting close to planting season. Also, at the same time, our to-do list is longer than before. We are busy planning how to secure plots of land for our gardening projects, reaching out to schools and potential partners, as well as getting the nitty-gritty of our budget organized.

Amidst all this bustle, one of the key things which we picked up from our program leader, the incredible Peter Hoy, is that we have to be able to express our vision for our organization to everyone we reach out to. Now, that to us seems like a huge task! Not only do we have to be precise on point when we are doing this (Let’s face the truth: Potential partners are not always our friends from high school who would happily stay up hours listening to our ramblings), we also have to be able to reach out to community members at different age groups—kids from middle school to high school, their teachers, personnel from our partner organizations, members in our Church community, and so on. In other words, our message should be packed tight and snug in slightly different but equally attractive bottles.

Now, how do we go about this? Fantastic David, the other program leader, and I agree that we should create a brand and a message that is constant on every occasion. At the same time the way we present our work needs to be slightly tailored to meet audience needs.

Here are a few strategies/pointers we have come up with! Let us know what y’all think!

1. We should begin by listing our core values– Do we need to put them in a certain order of importance?
2. What is our logo? We want something cute, eye-catching and deeply meaningful. We think trees are too common. We are still thinking….
3. When it comes to seeking help from funding organizations, we should highlight how the mission of the funding organization fits the needs of Farming Bards.
4. When we talk to school teachers, we would highlight how our curriculum will fit into the educational goals and educational philosophy of that school.
5. When we talk to kids, we should tell them how FUN the activity would be!
6. And, now what do we tell their parents?

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