On being swamped…

We, at Hapeville, have had a very busy fortnight. Things other than Farming Bards with very strict deadlines seem to have taken over our lives. We have been pushed and pulled in different directions, have not slept, and constantly thought about Farming Bards, with this antsy feeling of not being able to do much about it gnawing at us.

Yes, we have felt guilty and over-stretched for time, until we, the program leaders, finally got a Sunday to get together and reflect on our goals. And, of course, Farming Bards came out on top, with very verdant colors. At this point, we took what we think was an important step. Instead of brooding over what we should have done, we decided to start fresh again. We made a new to-do list to mark the beginning of Spring!

Here are some of the highlights from what we are planning on doing this month:

1)     Sell saplings at our community Spring festival two weeks from now

2)     Make flyers advertising our theatre workshop

3)     Lay out the program for the opening week of our workshop

4)     Get ready for our project workshop on the national call

5)     And, most importantly make sure that we work on Farming Bards every day of the week

We would love to hear what’s going on at y’all-s end! What do you do when you get overwhelmed? How do you get back on your feet? And, more importantly how do you keep yourselves from becoming overwhelmed? We would love to listen and learn!

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