Communities Together for a Better Future – SOS Oakland Summer Camp

Hello. Today is nearing the end of April. Anahi and Sergio, Program Leaders of SOS Oakland, are working hard on getting everything ready for this year’s summer camp.  “We are very excited for this year’s summer camp. Last year I was part of SOS Oakland and I really enjoyed it,” says Sergio, “Working with kids and with my peers was a very exciting and fun experience. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to return this year not only as a part of it but as a Program Leader.”

SOS Oakland camp gives the opportunity to youth to be a part of the community. They get to work with kids and have the opportunity to obtain the skill of being leaders themselves. This program is quite grabbing, “I heard so many good things about last year’s program from Sergio that it caught my attention. I liked the fact that teens got to work together and collaborate as a team to put together last year’s camp for the kids,” says Anahi.

“Sergio told me so much,” Anahi continues, “He mentioned that in the Summer of Solutions camp, kids had the opportunity to work outdoors by growing a garden and playing sports.  SOS summer camp also lets kids get creative with art projects like drawing, painting, and building. Not only do they get creative with art, but also with writing; last year’s kids were able to write a letter to the mayor of Oakland. Sergio gave Mayor Jean Quan all the letters from the kids personally, writing to her was such a great experience and memory for the kids.”1

The program also allows the kids and staff to take a break during the day to a enjoy a snack and fresh air outdoors. They want to have a safe space where the kids can feel free to come have fun, learn and entertain themselves. Not only will they work on making the kids feel comfortable. but also their parents, by making sure that they feel confident and secure about leaving their kids at the program location. “We are trying the best to put together this year’s program,” says Anahi, “we are more than excited to work again with kids and see what this year’s program brings us.”

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