Hope4Green uniting to help restore northeast Detroit

Northeast Detroit is an area stricken with environmental degradation, illegal dumping, and an unreliable trash management system. Because of this, months of trash and debri starts to pile up in our communities leaving the health and safety of our residents at risk.


However the team of HOPE4GREEN Detroit is pushing to restore Northeast Detroit with community clean-ups, urban gardening, and boarding up abandoned homes that are open and dangerous.



We are working with community block clubs, faith groups, public servants, and other nonprofits to develop and implement a strategic framework of new development around the area. We are putting together a plan that includes solar panel lighting, more green space, and more sustainable practices & resources in our community. With a plan that includes the viewpoints of the residents, it provides long term solutions to problems because the community feels more connected to the cause.


Hope for Green plans to make an impact by cleaning up multiple play grounds and parks, restoring urban gardens, and investing in sustainable resources to make NE Detroit safer, cleaner, and sustainable.

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