Getting Girls in the Know

Generation Know is a program started by the members of Girls For a Change, a non-profit organization sponsored by U by Kotex. The mission of Girls For a Change and Generation Know is to end the taboo about vaginas and women’s health by empowering girls and getting them to talk. As a society we don’t talk about the vagina, we might occasionally refer to it in a degrading way in a rap song or a movie but we don’t really just talk about what it is and what it needs. 1

Generation Know has enlisted the help of 30 young women from all over the country and hired them to spread the word and get girls “in the know.” Ending myths about vaginas, sex, menstruation, and anything else a woman has that doesn’t get enough attention. Girls For a Change flew all 30 of us new ambassadors to San Francisco for a three day training. During this time we bonded with each other and spent our time talking about taboos, myths and other societal norms that hold young women back. It was a truly incredible experience and I can’t express how excited I am to be a part of it.

As a FCF program leader, I’m excited to incorporate everything I learned at the training into some kind of lesson for our campers this summer. As middle school girls, their knowledge about their own bodies and health leaves a lot to be desired. They aren’t getting all the facts from school, TV, their parents or their peers; and I feel incredibly obligated to share my new found knowledge with them so that they can feel as happy, healthy, and empowered as I feel after this amazing opportunity. Anyone looking for more information can google U by Kotex, Generation Know, or look up Whitney Smith on Facebook!

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