A Seed for Every Season

By: Farming Bards, a Hapeville, GA Local Initiative

Can you plant anything when it is hot and raining like this summer in Hapeville? I went on a research expedition to find out!

Apparently, according to the Planting Calendar created for gardeners by Georgia Organics, now is the best time for planting arugula lettuce, summer squash and snap beans. I honestly was relieved to see that there are still vegetables we can plant right away, because it’s time for us to get our garden started! We have decided to talk to everyone in Hapeville, whether it’s schools, church leaders, or the City Council, who can help us find a small piece of land to use to create a community garden. We want to get started doing what we’re all about at Farming Bards, bringing new friends together to enjoy nature and have fun getting to know each other.

I think there is really a seed for every season, just like the planting calendar says; it’s always a good time to start something new. We won’t wait. We are setting up fundraisers and building partnerships with leaders in the arts, education, government, and business in our area. If you want to step up as a partner to volunteer and support our work, please email us at farmingbards@gmail.com. Thank you for supporting us as we plant seeds for a blooming future in Hapeville!

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