Apply for a Youth Farm or Education Internship!

Reblogged from: Growing Food and Sustainability

Spring is in the air!  Even though it feels spring is miles away, this month we have a made leaps and bounds in our summer planning.

Our summer internship application is LIVE! This year we have TWO separate internships: youth farm interns and education interns.

  • Youth Farm Interns will launch our NEW CSA, manage all farm maintenance and projects and run BIKE POWERED compost pick up and produce deliveries.
  • Education Interns will DEVELOP curriculum for multiple age groups from ages 5 to 13, LEAD summer garden camp activities and ORGANIZE group bike rides to the Middleton Food Pantry.
  • Also, all of our interns will PARTICIPATE in weekly INTERN CLASSES on organic farming practices, curriculum planning, the green economy, environmental justice and anti-oppression.

If you are interested, check out the poster below to learn how to apply!


* This AMAZING poster was created by Natalie, our Outreach and Education Director!

This month we also LAUNCHED our sign-up for our new CSA and we were overwhelmed by the support we got. Our CSA filled up in 2 HOURS! With a total of 12 half shares, allowing us to expand our roots from the farmers market to a more sustainable, long term solution that will continue to grow and prosper into something much GREATER.

We APPRECIATE all the support you have given us in the past and we are continuously surprised by the growing support!  This summer is sure to be amazing!

Thank you all,


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