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Accredited US CNFCCC Delegate William is a Raleigh Native & Studies Policy at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Favourite Quote – " The appellation of Gentleman is never to be affixed to a man's circumstances, but to his Behaviour in them." – Richard Steele, Tatler 1714 (No. 207)

In Search of Role Models: we find them among one another


John Hope Franklin, Solutioneer

After today we will miss John Hope Franklin, a legendary public servant, historian and a representative of equity and scholarship to the world. In his passing  he remains one of the most admired, relevant and influential historians of our time. Among his broad report Dr. Franklin is a James B. Duke Professor Emeritus of History, and was Professor of Legal History in the Law School at Duke University for nearly a decade.

Throughout his endeavors Dr. Franklin, who I never had a chance to meet though have admired throughout my formative years, has successfully married scholarship and public service with ease, character and grace.

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Journey along Salted Earth & Struggle

I don’t think that struggle, or having a struggle, is a sign of weakness. I think that struggling is, like so many other less sturdy things people associate with leadership, the capital achievement of anybody living the robust life of an American citizen.

My name is Seth, and I am trying to build the model for the world’s next great discovery. It’s not an engine that turns water into fuel, but ‘struggle’ into ‘triumph.’

Cover of Farmers and Fisherman

Cover of Farmers and Fisherman

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