Canterbury Garden in the Works

An update from Summer of Solutions Arleta!

In mid-February, we met up and discussed some visions that we have for the garden at a local elementary school which include monthly or biweekly cleanups and tree care. We took a short tour and learned some background info on what we’ll be diggin’ into and plant the growth that is deeply welcomed in our lives and those of our community. There is an application that will need to be filled out to be able to work as a volunteer during the day and after school hours. There is a lot yet to be communicated, but for the most part things are moving forward. :) We will be continuing to do some work on Fridays.  Come and share your visions and work on spreading a beautiful message through gardening to the 1000+ children attending this elementary school. There will be some milk and cookies, and maybe coffee too. ;)1

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