The Harvest Festival at Burns Latino Studies Academy

Cross-posted from Summer of Solutions Hartford

Summer of Solutions Hartford had the honor of participating in a great fall tradition at the Burns Latino Studies Academy called the Harvest Festival!

After school ended for the day, COMPASS Youth Collaborative set up a Halloween party for the children and families of the Burns School, complete with face paint, a haunted hallway, and dance floor!

In the spirit of the evening, we harvested red and green tomatoes, white and rainbow chard, carrots, spinach, mint, basil, oregano, kale and lettuce from the Burns School Garden and Wesley Colbert Zion Street Community Garden and set up a booth at the festival. We showed off photos of the garden and the workshops we’ve done with K-2nd and shared our bountiful harvest with the Burns community!

Here are some more pictures of the event:

Discussing recipe ideas for swiss chard (it’s cool because it’s pink)

Taking home lettuce and tomatoes grown right on campus!

Lions need their veggies, too

Kale’s biggest fans

Filling the witch hat with healthy treats!

The Harvest Festival at Burns was an absolute treat. We got to share our harvest with families from Burns, share cute pictures of the kids building and planting the garden with us, and pass out information about the Zion St and Broad St gardens!

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