Returning to the Twin Cities

Graduation season has ended and school is wrapping up which means one thing for the Twin Cities Team, we held our first in person meeting since January Gathering.  Patricia, Elizabeth, and I met at Ruby and Timothy’s house early last week to discuss our Training Week Schedule.  It was good to see everyone back in Minneapolis again (except Aly who couldn’t make it).  Plus, meetings in person are just so much more fun and productive than Skype meetings.

1 Some of the TC Team planning training week!
From Left: Patricia, Elizabeth, Timothy, and Maddie

I have been spending my time reconnecting with Minneapolis. After just having graduated university I have returned home with no concrete plans of leaving at the end of the summer. I’m quite excited about this, as I love Minneapolis (even when it rains for days on end). I have been going around to a lot of stores and restaurants asking for donations to our training week.   This has been fun and frustrating because I did not really start looking until I had returned to Minneapolis.  While we had a few meals secured we still needed a lot more.  But unfortunately, many places need 6-8 weeks’ notice before an event, nevertheless the other team leaders and myself have secured some yummy food for training week!

Graduating and moving home permanently or at least semi-permanently is very bitter sweet.  But I am so excited for this summer to start and to get out program started, host our team’s first training week, and meet all our participants.  I think this prospect above all is what is stopping me from running away and joining a circus.

544054_10151398080605873_1679853970_nAuthor: Maddie Wilson just graduated from the University of King’s College in Nova Scotia, Canada.  She participated in the Twin Cities Summer of Solutions last year, and now she is a program leader!

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