Perspectives on our Garden Progress

Location: Hartford, CT

Originally posted on July 12th, 2013 on Summer of Solutions Hartford

Perspectives on our progress in the garden from two participants: 

Wesley Colbert Zion Street Community Garden:


Working on Zion St was a big task. We had many challenges that we got through and made a tremendous change in the Zion St garden appearance as in weeding , cutting, planting and growing. We’ve made it all happen in just three weeks and we are still working to make it better .

Asian Studies Academy:


Working inside the Asian Academy’s greenhouse was a very intriguing experience. The green house hasn’t been touched in three years, and we had no clue what would pop out of what! As we were cleaning up we discovered some old books that were worth keeping, and less interesting things such as the creepy slithering animals that were hiding on almost everything, and left us scared and more creeped out.  We discovered different spiders, that made us hesitate doing any more work, but we conquered our fears and continued on with the work. I must say it is such an improvement!

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