What have you missed in Oakland?

By: Anahi and Sergio

Location: Oakland, CA

Dear friends and supporters of Summer of Solutions Oakland, we are happy and excited to bring you updated news of what has been going on during the past 4 weeks of camp. First of all, sorry for not keeping up, but we will assure you that here we provide you with all details of what we have been doing.  We started our camp on July 9, and started with 32 accepted kids, Sergio was able to get things going in order to provide free lunches and snacks for our kids and youth in the community. Our first week went really well even though there where 7 of us staff members; our 2nd week went even better we welcomed 9 more youth to our team.  Our staff are wonderful. They show us that they are very passionate about working with our kids.

We have been doing lots of activities that our kids seem to enjoy day by day. We have been doing sports like kick ball, soccer, hand ball, and spending some outdoors time at our site’s creek, the kids love spending most of their time outdoors being active, as well as they love spending time inside doing arts and crafts, we have had them make mask, El Ojo de Dios (God’s Eye), friendship bracelets, piggy banks out of recycled yogurt cans, and earrings, We also had a community volunteer teach them how to draw zebras and  giraffes, Our camp also had a visit from the guardian angels who took their time to introduce themselves to the us, they also loved writing a letter to our mayor Jean Quan.

We also have been doing gardening  we’ve had them sprout their own bean seeds and  watch them grown in plastic see through cups, we also gave them the  chance to plant in the garden bed that was donated to our kids, they planted  hot peppers, aloe, zucchini, and other seeds they brought from home out of the fruits they ate.

Even though we have had it tough with our low income, our kids parents have been great supporters: we have had each parent, 3 parents a week bring in snacks for the kids. The parents also have being kind to donate supplies and cash to our program to support the work that we are doing. We have had conversations with some of our parents as they pick up their kids and hear lots of great comments about the program; they are really appreciated with what we do.  We feel like if we are all one big family, the love from our community brings warmth to our hearts and we are very thankful that we feel supported.

We are only two weeks away for our camp to end, sadly but true. We feel like we have had very little time, but we know that time went by super-fast due to busy and fun hours with our kids.  We feel really proud that we have come this far and accomplished more than what we expected. We hope this continues till the last day of camp. We are doing great so far, thank you from Anahi and Sergio for all the support we receive.

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